The „podcast art” is now more than just self-expression, it has become a very competitive business, with new shows and presenters emerging every day. One of the most important skills that a podcast host must have is the ability to ask thought-provoking and personable questions that will help the guest feel comfortable enough to open up and provide insightful responses. This article provides some of the most impactful questions that the Hello Podcast Studio uses in their interviews. These questions have evoked interesting and inspiring responses from guests, providing insights that both the hosts and listeners can appreciate.

Crafting thought-provoking questions is a crucial aspect of any podcast interview. It’s what sets the tone for the entire episode, and it can be the difference between a forgettable interview and one that leaves a lasting impact on your listeners.

In this article we have some tips on questions and their preparation:

Do your research: Before the interview, research your guest and their work. This will help you ask more targeted and informed questions that will get to the heart of their expertise and experiences.

Be personable: Start with some easy, ice-breaking questions to help your guest relax and get comfortable. This will create a more conversational tone for the interview and make your guest feel at ease.

Be specific: Avoid asking broad or vague questions that will lead to generic responses. Instead, ask specific questions that will require more detailed answers and provide valuable insights for your listeners.

Be open-ended: Ask questions that allow for open-ended responses. This will give your guest the opportunity to elaborate on their thoughts and experiences, leading to more interesting and engaging conversations.

Be mindful: Consider your guest’s experiences and perspectives when crafting your questions. Be mindful of any potential sensitivities or biases that could arise, and be respectful in your questioning.

Be flexible: Be willing to adjust your questions on the fly based on your guest’s responses. This will allow you to delve deeper into topics that resonate with your guest and your audience.

Be conversational: Remember that your podcast is a conversation, not an interrogation. Make sure your questions flow naturally and feel like a part of a larger discussion, rather than a list of scripted prompts.

Be prepared: Finally, make sure you’re prepared for the interview. Have a list of questions ready, but also be willing to deviate from the script if necessary. Research your guest, their work, and their industry, and come into the interview with a genuine curiosity and interest in their experiences.

Podcasting is an art that requires excellent interviewing skills. To make the show a real home run, podcast hosts need to ask thought-provoking, considerate, and personable questions to build a connection with their guests. These questions should be a mix of softballs and hard-hitting questions that make the guests think for a moment. The tips provided in this article can help podcast hosts improve their interviewing skills and provide meaningful insights for their listeners. Interviewing guests on your podcast can be a challenging but rewarding experience. Thought-provoking questions are essential for creating engaging and memorable conversations that resonate with your audience.